Strategic drug development

Enabling decision making at the right moment
Each development program is unique, which demands special CURE and CARE. Our innovative translational and clinic drug development plans and study designs enable informed and stepwise decision making and accelerates achievement of clinical Proof-of-Concept, whilst at the same time improving your probability of success. Whether it is a new chemical entity or a biologic, Curare offers strategic advice for a customized plan.

Equally, we are keen to fulfil regulatory requirements and to interact with investors, where applicable. Over the years, we have gained an excellent track record in successful engagements at different stages of development with European, Japanese and US regulatory authorities.
Furthermore, Curare experts have specialized in paediatric drug development translating adult clinical data into paediatric development plans (PIP, iPSP).

Other ways we can help

Translational science

Curare focuses on drug target and mode of action deconvolution together with identification of (non)clinical translating biomarkers to increase the success of a clinical development programs.
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Clinical pharmacology

Curare experts translate nonclinical results into targeted clinical development programs by including informative biomarkers to guide dose selection and early decision making.
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