Translational Science

Including an astute biomarker strategy
Curare applies the principles of translation science, where all discovery aspects are systematically evaluated in the context of clinical relevance and utility. Identification of mechanism of action and translatable biomarkers to guide the clinical development process are key to improving the probability of success, where the right dose selection for the right indication is our prime aim.

At Curare we believe a competent clinical program is built on relevant translatable in vitro and in vivo pharmacology data generated at the laboratory bench and from animal models. Our focus is on mode of action deconvolution in conjunction with the identification of (non)clinical translatable biomarkers, boosting the success of a clinical development program plan. We are agnostic to therapeutic modalities, whether it refers to small or large molecules, biologics, vaccines, antibodies, peptides, gene cell-based therapy, we have dealt with all these aspects. And as such, we are perfectly placed to boost the success of a clinical development program.

A scientifically and technically evaluated clinical biomarker strategy supports the exploration of clinical efficacy and a safe dose range at the earliest opportunity during clinical development and offers a solid understanding of a compound's potential and also that of the patient population who benefit from it.

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Strategic drug development

Each development program is unique and needs special CURE and CARE. Our innovative clinical drug development plans and study designs enable informed and step-wise decision making.
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Clinical pharmacology

Curare experts translate nonclinical results into targeted clinical development programs by including informative biomarkers to guide dose selection and early decision making.
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